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Parliamentary Debate

The emphasis in this form of debate is on persuasiveness, logic, and wit.  Unlike in other forms of debate, where the resolution is established well in advance of a tournament and is the same for every round in the tournament, in Parliamentary debate the resolution is usually not established until 10 minutes before the debate round begins, and there is a new resolution for every round of debate.  Since it would be unreasonable to expect teams to research every topic they could be possibly be asked to debate, parliamentary debate requires noevidence whatsoever.

This form of debate is called “parliamentary” because of its vague resemblance to the debates that take place in the British parliament.  The proposition team is called the “Government,” and the opposition team is called (appropriately) the “Opposition.”  The Government team consists of two debaters, the Prime Minister (PM) and the Member of Government (MG).  The Opposition team also consists of two debaters, the Leader of the Opposition (LO) and the Member of the Opposition (MO).

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